jeudi 3 juin 2010

Pigmentation grecque et pigmentation turque

Les Hellènes ont une pigmentation plus claire que les Turco-mongoles :

Grecs :

" About half of them have brunet-white or light brown skin color, the rest the usual pinkish-white of central and northern Europe; over 80 per cent have dark brown hair, the rest have hair evenly divided between black and the lighter shades of brown. Pronounced blondism, although rare, is not unknown. The beard is rarely lighter than the head hair, in contrast to the condition found among Ghegs and Montenegrins; the implication is that the dark brown hair of the majority of Greeks is a pure brunet condition. Over 65 pa-cent of Greeks have pure brown eyes, and most of these are dark brown: pure lights are sporadic, but there is a 15 per cent incidence of light-mixed iris forms. "

Turcs :

The unexposed skin color of the Turks is mostly brunet-white or swarthy (von Luschan #11-16), the head hair color, in 90 per cent of cases, dark brown. Black hair, however, is found in less than 5 per cent, and blondism is rare. The ratio of dark brown hair is constant, except in the eastern provinces, where it is nearly 100 per cent. The beard hair is often lighter than the head hair; only 70 per cent are black or dark brown, while reddish shades are found among nearly 10 per cent. Reddish and blondish beards are by far commoner in the western and northern provinces than elsewhere, and are in these places found in one-third of the group observed.

Source : The Races of Europe, Carletoon Stevens Coon

La moitié de la population grecque a la même pigmentation que les Européens du Centre et du Nord. L'autre moitié a une pigmentation brun-clair ou légèrement brune. Tandis que les Turcs sont pour la plupart bruns-clairs ou bruns-foncés.

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